Location Based Services - a vital component in the Networked Society

Location Based Services (LBS) are a new breed of software applications for IP-based mobile devices that makes use of the device's location to deliver its service. This type of application is becoming increasingly important in our current networked society. As more and more people are turning to LBS for a lot of the things that it can give them, it is also becoming an increasingly strategic medium for mobile marketing.

The following video tries to explain how LBS is fast becoming a vital component in an increasingly IP-based interconnection of gadgets, communication devices, and mobile appliances.

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Location-Based Marketing Explained

To understand the growing importance of location-based mobile marketing and why Internet marketers should understand this trend and how they can be included in one's marketing arsenal, I'm sharing this video by Eileen Mayer, a local business consultant specializing in the area of mobile local consulting. In the video, Eileen explains how one can capitalize on location based services for mobile marketing.

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