benefit from plr articles

Many internet marketers have found great success in the use of private label rights or PLR articles. There are numerous ways to get maximum benefits from your PLR articles. Following are just three great tips on how to use them.

1. Cull Lessons from Your PLR Articles and Turn Them Into Video Tutorials

This may perhaps be one of the easiest ways to use your PLR articles. By repurposing your materials and creating a video out of it, you don’t even have to rewrite most of the content. You can create Powerpoint slides presenting what is discussed in the articles in the form of lessons then export your Powerpoint in a video format. You can them publish them on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo and place backlinks that point back to your website. There are various other software applications you may use to produce videos out of your content. Free tools are readily available that you may simply search online.

2. Combine Related PLR Articles to Make a Report

Stringing together a group of related PLR articles is one good way to create a report. By taking together and rewriting articles that belong to a particular niche, you can come up with a valuable report that you can then use as an ethical bribe for people to opt-in to your mailing list. A report is a very attractive promotional tool especially when it’s given away free. Use your creativity to rewrite the articles and arrange them in sequence so that they present an interesting flow of knowledge with information building up one after the other and you have a niche-based report that people will surely be interested to have. Spruce the pages of your report some more with graphics and images that you can also get for free online. Royalty free images abound by the thousands from a lot of websites offering such graphics and these would greatly enhance the appeal of your report to readers looking for fresh information on the subject of their choice.

3. Rewrite PLR Articles and Submit to Article Directories

Submitting to article directories is still a great way to create backlinks to your website. It is also a good way to get noticed since most of these article directories rank well on the search engines and you would do well too if you do good keyword research. Submitting to these directories may overwhelm you at first especially if you are not comfortable writing articles. You may feel the pressure of having to produce quality content that will be accepted by the article directories.

This is where your PLR articles come in. PLR articles are a great way to produce tons and tons of articles because you already have well laid-out content pieces on practically any topic of your choice. All you need to do is to rewrite them so that it will not just be the same as so many others using the same PLR articles. If you’re having difficulty rewriting then you might want to check out spinning programs that can churn out unique versions of the articles through software. Or you may want to go to freelance sites like Odesk, Freelance, or Fiverr to get other people to rewrite your PLR articles for you.

Since PLR articles give you the freedom to use the content in them any way you choose, using your creativity and imagination can bring these articles a long way. Starting with just a few PLR articles, rehashing and remixing them in various combinations will give you an endless stream of fresh content for your internet marketing activities.


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