3 Simple Ways to Profit with Your Blogs And Websites

For the last couple of years, Google, which owns the lion's share in the search engine domain, has been constantly updating its search algorithm and putting in layers of search filters to weed out what it deems to be quality content-poor sites from ending up in its top pages. Google Panda is one such notorious filter which has penalized even those with perceived quality sites and ended up having scraper sites rank higher than those they have scraped from.

Recent updates to Google's algorithms and filters are showing that the benefit of having quality and original content on your blogs is getting back on its track. The time and patience required to produce original content is paying back once more and the income that is being generated from blogs with quality and original content is becoming substantial once again.

Remember: If you consistently labor to provide on your blogs the information that your targeted visitors are looking for, providing them solutions to pain points they are seeking to relieve, your efforts will be rewarded.

Let's review how you can once more profit from such quality websites or blogs.

1. Strategic Adsense ads placement.

The key to making Adsense profitable for your blog or website is to make it blend as best as possible with the overall look and feel of your site. This can be achieved by making the colors of your Adsense block match the color scheme of your site, including the text, link, and background colors.

Another important key to Adsense profitability is the size of your ad blocks knowing where to place these ad blocks. Medium and large rectangles are still the most favorable but again the key is the proper blending of your ad blocks with the overall look of your site. In terms of placement, research on what is called the "Adsense heatmap" which gives a graphical picture of where best to place Adsense blocks.

2. Promote other people's products.

Adsense is one form of affiliate marketing and perhaps the easiest one to do. The next level in affiliate marketing is to actively promote affiliate products through affiliate links and pages on your blog or website. This can be done by recommending products or services that are related to your blog or website's theme or topic. As more people begin to trust you as a source of quality information regarding a particular niche, getting them to consider products or services that can help them with their problems related to your niche topic becomes just one blog post away.

By promoting other people's products, you free yourself from worrying about having to deal with the common problems associated with dealing with after sales service to customers. These are normally taken care of by the business owner of the products you are promoting as an affiliate. However, after a while that you have become more knowledgeable in the process of selling products, you may want to consider the next step which is creating your own products and services to sell.

3. Sell your own products or services.

Most blog or website owners start making money online through affiliate marketing. This is where they sell other people's products on their site by leading their visitors to these products through affiliate links. Eventually however, blog or website owners should consider having their own products or services to sell. It may be a little bit time consuming but if you plan it well, you may have a product or service that will repeatedly bring in profits for you for a long time.

The other advantage of having your own products and services to sell is that you can now have other people sell them also on their own blogs or websites. Whereas before you are just an affiliate, now you will have affiliates selling for you. There are a lot of affiliate marketplace out there that many people visit to look for products to buy. Commission Junction and Share a Sale are just two examples.