5 Good Reasons Why an Internet Marketer Should Write a Blog

Obviously this article is written for internet marketers but even if you are not read on. Who knows, you might get something that will inspire you to shift your blogging efforts into something that you can earn from.

Let me start by defining first what I mean by a blog.  The word blog was coined from the phrase "web log" and it is some sort of an online journal where people share their thoughts and feelings. My personal blog is called Lemurian Cogitations and the subtitle is "Ramblings, raves and rants of a Lemurian Dreamer". So it's basically a log of random thoughts that somehow ended up in a written form.

So it can really be started and maintained by practically anyone. But in this article I try to discuss how blogs can be equally valuable for marketers, especially Internet marketers.

Here are five good reasons:

1. Blogs are easy to update.

Is it a website? Yes it is but it has a specific form and structure. The posts or blog entries are ordered by date like in a diary and it is a lot easier to create than other websites because an online editor is provided for you where you can just type into it and then publish when you feel like sharing it to the world already.

Because of this push button mode of blog publishing, blogging on most blog platforms makes updating quite easy. It requires very minimum computer skills like a knowledge of using word processing editors like Microsoft Word which at this age and time seems to be a minimum computer literacy skill.

For an Internet marketer, this easy way of creating fresh content is a marketer's dream.

2. Blogs are easy to get started.

Free blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress allow you to start your blog just by simply creating an account and completing a few account settings parameters. Even more recently, free website systems like Wix, Weebly, and SimpleSite with more user friendly interfaces have made blogging a lot easier.

Still other more sophisticated content management systems like Joomla and Drupal have widened the range of choices for bloggers to start posting their online thoughts.

3. Blogs are well-liked by search engines.

The content management system approach of blogs is a very welcome breather to the old HTML-based way of creating websites. Since the look and feel of the site which is managed by a template is separated from the content management which is handled by an editor, updating has become a lot easier and worry-free.

Because blogs are easy to update it motivates blog owners to update their site more regularly. When this happens more often, blogs will generally have fresher content that search engines like best. Having the search engines like your content is what Internet marketers are looking for.

4. Blogs allow you to create feeds automatically.

Blogs can easily create RSS feeds that search engines also like. When these feeds generate links from high Page Rank sites like Technorati and Feedburner, these backlinks make your blog rate higher on the search engines. In turn, people can subscribe to your feed to have them alerted whenever you update your site.

Subscribers are leads and leads can lead to potential sales which is every Internet marketer's ultimate goal.

5. Blogs are interactive.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of blogs is that they let your readers interact with you. Blog platforms and content management systems allow readers to leave comments on your posts. This not only gives you feedback on what you have written but also adds updated content to your site that others contribute through their comments.

Commenting is a big leap from the old form-to-email way of leaving a message to the website owner. Form-to-email is generally one way and does not promote further interaction. It also does not increase the content of the site because it ends up as a message to the owner and not as part of the blog's content. Moreover, commenting systems allows for greater interaction because not only the website owner can react but other readers can leave their comments or reply to other comments as well.

As an Internet marketer, blogging should definitely part of your marketing arsenal.

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