3 Simple Ways to Profit with Your Blogs And Websites

For the last couple of years, Google, which owns the lion's share in the search engine domain, has been constantly updating its search algorithm and putting in layers of search filters to weed out what it deems to be quality content-poor sites from ending up in its top pages. Google Panda is one such notorious filter which has penalized even those with perceived quality sites and ended up having scraper sites rank higher than those they have scraped from.

Recent updates to Google's algorithms and filters are showing that the benefit of having quality and original content on your blogs is getting back on its track. The time and patience required to produce original content is paying back once more and the income that is being generated from blogs with quality and original content is becoming substantial once again.

Remember: If you consistently labor to provide on your blogs the information that your targeted visitors are looking for, providing them solutions to pain points they are seeking to relieve, your efforts will be rewarded.

Let's review how you can once more profit from such quality websites or blogs.

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5 Good Reasons Why an Internet Marketer Should Write a Blog

Obviously this article is written for internet marketers but even if you are not read on. Who knows, you might get something that will inspire you to shift your blogging efforts into something that you can earn from.

Let me start by defining first what I mean by a blog.  The word blog was coined from the phrase "web log" and it is some sort of an online journal where people share their thoughts and feelings. My personal blog is called Lemurian Cogitations and the subtitle is "Ramblings, raves and rants of a Lemurian Dreamer". So it's basically a log of random thoughts that somehow ended up in a written form.

So it can really be started and maintained by practically anyone. But in this article I try to discuss how blogs can be equally valuable for marketers, especially Internet marketers.

Here are five good reasons:

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