4 Great Tips to Strengthen Your Article Marketing Efforts

The Internet and search engines are really all about information. Almost everything that happens on the World Wide Web begins with people searching for information. Even though most people start looking for free information, eventually they are willing to shell out money when they find quality information that they are willing to pay for and website owners who provide access to these information also make money in the process.

This is why blog and ezine publishers are consistently and constantly seeking to get article contributions that are not just original but also quality and informative articles.

These blogs and ezines then become a ready market for article writers since they have an endless stream of readers waiting for new informative articles. Article writers can then get advertising mileage from these websites by simple adding their author bio to their articles with links that point back to their own websites and advertise their businesses. These advertising opportunities are very much sought after because of the free yet targeted promotion that they provide.

It's not really that difficult to write these articles. In fact, most of these can be written within a few hours and once they are submitted to article publishers, they can readily be viewed by thousands of readers for a long time to come. Articles, especially those that deal with a generic topic, or those that deal with topics with a low rate of obsolescence, can have a long life span. The added advantage is that because you wrote the articles yourself, it becomes a free form of advertising that projects you as an expert and one who is very knowledgeable in your field. This of course would give you more credibility and in turn would help promote your business as coming from a reputable and trustworthy owner.

Of course if you happen to be too busy to write articles yourself you can get ghost writers to write them for you or hire transcribers who will write the articles based on your own spoken words so you can just simply have yourself interviewed on the topic and the transcriber will put together everything into a nice article.

Following are 4 tips to help you create better articles:

1. Choose Your Article Title Wisely

There are certain words that trigger a positive reaction from most readers. These words include "ways", "reasons", "tips", "secrets", and other such words that hint on a treasure trove of valuable information the readers are seeking for. Combine them with other words like "free", "great", "revealed", "disclosed", and the likes and you have a surefire formula for an intriguing article title. This is necessary to make sure that your article does not just get published but they are attractive enough to merit your targeted audience's eyeballs. Always remember that your potential readers will become your potential leads only if you can convince them of the benefits they can get from reading your article.

2. Write Articles With Interesting Content.

Benefits, benefits, benefits. You have to pound those words into your head while you are writing your article. Our assumption of course is that you are knowledgeable in the subject you are discussing but even if you are not an expert on it, a little added research will boost your knowledge on it in a big way. Make sure you also check your spelling and grammar before you submit your articles. Benefits plus a good dose of facts and figures will go a long way in making your articles interesting to read.

3. Link Your Articles to Your Primary Business

Do not forget that your ultimate goal is to get people interested in your primary business and lead them to affiliate products that will reward you with commissions when your readers' interest converts into sales. Most article publishers allow their authors to attach an author box where links to your business website or affiliate products may be strategically placed.

Make sure that your links are working before you submit your articles. Once submitted, track the performance of these links to see which ones are giving you the best exposure and the most number of hits. This will help boost your affiliate campaign for the long haul.

4. Make Article Writing a Fun Exercise

Lastly, don't make article writing a burdensome chore. Otherwise it defeats the whole process of getting into article marketing which is to support you in your chosen business. You went into your own because of the freedom, enjoyment, and satisfaction it brings so losing the fun in the process becomes counter to your overall purpose.

Read a lot and draw inspiration from your readings. This will help you churn out original content one after another while just having fun in the process.

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